Sunday 3 January 2016

NEW! Kellogg's Ancient Legends Cereal: Spelt, Apple, Sultana & Chia Seeds (ASDA)

So apparently, Kellogg's have created the 'Breakfast of Legends'. Unfortunately it's not a Full English, Eggs Benedict or Pain au Chocolat, but a instead range of cereals containing a mixture of healthy grains.

'Help get set up for the day ahead with our brand new range of wholesome Kellogg's mueslis, cereals and granolas. Made from a carefully prepared blend of nature's finest ancient grains such as barley and spelt with oats, chia and flaxseeds, one bowlful of delicious Kellogg's Ancient Legends gives you the nutrition you need to help you perform at your best* – just like the legendary champions of ancient times.'

ASDA are currently selling the entire range at the offer price of £2 per bag, and so I chose to try the cereal version.  I wasn't sure what to expect -I'm certainly not one of the clean eating brigade- and my cereals are either normal chocolate-y, sugary or ultimately a mixture of both (although I am partial to a bowl of Fruit 'n' Fibre every now and then).

Pouring myself a bowl, it looked strikingly similar to Fruit 'n' Fibre. I could see plenty of apple slices, and what looked like puffed rice amongst the wheat flakes. The sultanas were very sparse, and I could see little nutty looking clusters dotted about too. 

On to the tasting... It was very similar in flavour and texture to Fruit 'n' Fibre, but without the sweetness that usually comes from the sweetened banana chips and coconut flakes. The wheat flakes were just as bland and cardboard-like as one would expect, whilst the 'puffed rice' (actually the toasted spelt) offered an extra textural depth, but not much in the way of flavour. Again, the 'nutty clusters' (Chia Seeds) contributed some crunch, but were pretty bland. The apple and raisins were sweet, which was truly needed to help make the non-sugared cereal more palatable. 

The cereal was OK: It tasted healthy, and would probably offer some variety for regular consumers of Fruit 'n'Fibre/Bran Flakes/Raisin Bran. I think I'll try it with (sweetened) yoghurt tomorrow to see if that makes it tastier.



This morning (Tuesday) I had the Ancient Legends cereal with blueberries and forest fruit yogurt, and the extra sweetness made it far more enjoyable.


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