Sunday 31 January 2016

Biscoff Belgian Chocolate (Tesco)

There seems to be lots of bright blue signs in our local Tesco, pinpointing the way to new (or in this case not-so-new) products. It was one of them that called me to these Belgian chocolate coated Biscoff biscuits. I regularly buy the Biscoff crunchy spread -delicious on hot crumpets I've you've never had the pleasure of tasting it- but for some reason I tend to forget that Lotus make the biscuits themselves too. 

I'm a firm believer that if there's any way to enhance a biscuit, it has to  be by smothering it in chocolate. Fortunately Lotus didn't stop there, deeming standard chocolate not good enough for their product, and upped the game to a layer of the more superior Belgian variety. 

The biscuits came in seven handy, individually wrapped, three biscuit packs. The biscuits themselves weren't very large, and by comparison I would say that they were about a third smaller than a rich tea finger. The chocolate coating covered one side with a pretty even layer, and of course they had the characteristic Lotus crunch.

With one nibble I was transferred into chocolate-caramel heaven; the caramelised flavour was still prominent, but it was enhanced further by the silky smooth chocolate topping. These biscuits were made for dunking -although you need to be quick as they don't hold their rigidity for very long. 

The Biscoff Belgian Chocolate biscuits have got to be up there with the best (chocolate digestives and hobnobs of course!). They are a lovely indulgent treat but, I warn you, they are so good that I was left craving more after I finished my triple pack of mini biscuits... So, pass me the Biscoff spread and the crumpets please?


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