Wednesday 20 January 2016

Cookie Dough Ice Cream (ASDA)

Given how impressed I was at ASDA's Mallow Mayhem Ice Cream, I returned to the store to buy more flavours within the range. I really enjoy Ben & Jerry's cookie dough, and so I wondered how the supermarket own version would compare.

'Vanilla flavoured ice cream swirled with chocolate sauce, chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate fudge chunks'

This ice cream was much firmer and therefore less scoop-able than ASDA's Mallow Mayhem flavour, meaning it took some effort to scoop direct from the freezer. The ice cream had a generous chocolate sauce running through it, with a few of the fudge pieces and cookie dough bites hiding within.

It was just as creamy as the Mallow-Mayhem, but the flavour wasn't as strong -nor as tasty- and I equalled the use of the term 'vanilla' as an adjective meaning plain/lack of flavour, rather than a nod to the use of vanilla pods. The cookie dough bites were firm, and provided a wonderful crunch to the dessert. The sauce was also pretty damn good, with the ample swirls creating lovely little pockets of chocolate. The chocolate fudge chunks were unfortunately far and few between (particularly considering its label as a 'loaded' ice cream), and it would have been better to have more of them -giving a better balance of flavours and textures. 

This ASDA Loaded Cookie Dough ice cream is a good option to go for if you've popped in for some B&J, seen its not on offer, and decided not to fork out the £4+ full price... However, if the two desserts are of similar price, I would definitely choose Ben & Jerry's version over ASDA's.


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