Saturday 23 January 2016

Pip & Nut Peanut Butter (Sainsbury's)

As a peanut butter fiend, I get through an awful lot of the stuff. I'm afraid I'm not a loyal brand buyer though, and I go through phases of preferring the salty-sweetness of Sun Pat smooth, to craving the gritty -but more natural- Whole Earth. I also regularly like to mix things up with adulterated peanut butters such as the M&S Maple & Pecan (utterly wonderful if you haven't tried it) and the ASDA own brand chocolate chip.

Pip & Nut are a brand who specialise in nut butters made without palm oil, and have recently gained listing with Sainsbury's stores nationwide. Their peanut butter simply contains peanuts and sea salt- so I imagined that its closer to rivals Whole Earth than Sun Pat. The peanut butter is currently on offer for £1.80 for 250g (normally priced at £2.30).

Removing the lid, I discovered the peanut butter to be extremely runny -almost to a pourable consistency. Having bought Meridian's spreads before, I realised that the oils may have naturally separated so I gave it a good stir -but it didn't make a jot of difference. I tend to enjoy my peanut butter on warm toast or bagels, so I was undeterred by its liquidity, thinking that it would simply make it easier to spread. 

In fact, it was so thin that it started to drip off the edges of my bagel. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse, the peanut butter wasn't salty enough for me, and my sweet tooth missed the characteristic sugary-ness of Sun Pat. The consistency also meant it stuck to the roof of my mouth, giving it a rather unappetising claggy texture.  

It might be easy to blame my disdain for this product on my addiction to sugar (and salt), and my recent phase of Sun Pat love, but I probably won't fork out the extra pennies for this premium brand in the future (I'll save up for Peanut Butter & Co's 'Cinnamon Raisin Swirl' instead!).


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