Monday 25 January 2016

NEW! Individual 'Cookie Dough & Brownie' and 'Strawberry Donut' Cheesecakes (ASDA)

I believe that ASDA's Extra Special White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecakes are the best on the market; they look pretty, and taste even better. The wonderfully sweet and creamy white chocolate is matched brilliantly with tart fresh raspberries, and a rich buttery biscuit base. With this in mind, I was pleased to discover that ASDA have bucked the January diet trend by adding three single-serve cheesecakes to their range of fresh desserts: 'Cookie Dough & Brownie', 'Strawberry Donut' & 'Chocolate Hazelnut'. They are priced at £1.50 each, but are currently on a 2 for £2 deal.

Unfortunately, our local store had sold out of the Chocolate Hazelnut variety, so I bought the other two instead.

Cookie Dough & Brownie

'Temptingly sweet cookie dough cheesecake with a rich chocolate biscuit base and a delicious brownie topping decorated with chocolate sauce and multi-coloured chocolate curls.'

The cheesecake came well packaged with a protective casing and base -which I presumed covered the biscuit layer as it wasn't visible. When I took its sleeves off however, alarm bells started to ring, as (no exaggeration) the base was barely 3 mm thick.

I sliced the cheesecake in half to discover a pea-sized daub of cookie dough in the centre. The cheesecake was very fluffy and light, but it was simply a baked vanilla and not cookie dough flavoured as advertised. The cookie dough simply came from the daub in the middle and -although pleasant- there simply wasn't enough of it. The disappointment didn't end there, as the brownie chunks on top lacked any real cocoa flavour, and so just contributed an odd texture to the top of the dessert. The chocolate curls were far and few between, and as for the base -the less said the better really- it truly was indistinguishable.


Strawberry Donut

'Smooth vanilla cheesecake with a hidden fruit strawberry sauce center sat on a delicious biscuit base finished off with a mini donut and drizzles of strawberry sauce.'

Although this is a new product for ASDA, they have sold strawberry donut cheesecakes before -in a pack of two slices rather than these individual rounds. From what I remember, the cheesecake was an unusual concept but they pulled it off rather well.

Once sliced, the pocket of strawberry sauce was visible, and although it wasn't generous by anyone's standards, it was larger than the aforementioned cookie dough. The biscuit base however, was just as disappointing, and again was barely detectable. The cheesecake was exactly the same as in the previous dessert, but at least this time it was accurately described as vanilla.. The strawberry sauce was sweet, with a slight tartness that offset the cheesecake well, whilst the mini donut on the top was a cute addition, and thankfully hadn't gone stale. Again, ASDA could do well by being less stingy with the base and sauce, but this flavour was better than the (non) cookie dough brownie cheesecake.


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