Tuesday 5 January 2016

NEW! Cranberry & Raspberry Oaty Bakes (M&S)

I popped into M&S the other day to pick up some lunch and spotted a range of new 'Eat Well' snacks, including this little grab-bag of 3 Cranberry & Raspberry Oaty breaks. I regularly buy oaty style breakfast biscuits (especially the divine peanut butter granola bars from ASDA!) and so I thought I'd give M&S' versions a go. 

They pack contained 3 Oaty bakes, which resembled Shrewbury biscuits with their little fluted edges. Their colour gave a hint to their healthier nature however, as they appeared a similar tone to oatcakes. 

The biscuits had a decent snap, and were plentifully adorned with dried cranberries -although I couldn't detect any raspberry.

That was were the positives ended though I'm afraid. The bakes lacked sweetness, despite containing 5g of sugar. I also felt that were also very dry and claggy (even following a good coffee dunking) which I guess is due to their 'low saturated fat' content.

For anyone looking for a lower-fat biscuit to the standard office biscuits I guess they're a good swap... but for me, I'd much rather have a granola bar. 


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