Saturday 9 January 2016

NEW! Black Forest Gateaux Limited Edition Special K Moments (Tesco)

I got through phases with the Special K Biscuit Moments. I'll have weeks where I just can't get enough of them, and then I won't even think about them for months on end. Recently, I've been buying more of the other (more substantial) breakfast biscuits and granola bars, but then I saw that Kellogg's had released a new limited edition flavour: black forest gateaux. 

'Delicious cocoa biscuits with a soft cherry-flavoured filling, topped with a vanilla-flavoured drizzle.'

Now I appreciate that for some it brings back horrid memories of terrible 70's desserts, but as I wasn't born until the late 80s I still think of it as an under-appreciated concoction. I mean, cherries and chocolate are just a match made in heaven, aren't they? One of my favourite breakfasts has to be Coco Pops porridge with added sweet cherries -it's delicious, trust me! 

Anyway, enough of the rambling. Each pack contained two chocolatey biscuits with a rather beautiful drizzle on top; they looked almost too pretty to eat!  The biscuits where thin, but despite their slenderness packed a decent cocoa punch. The rich dark chocolate provided a wonderful vehicle for the sweet cherry jam filling, resulting in a convincing black forest creation. The biscuits were devilishly moreish, which meant that I was thankful that the packs are individually wrapped!

For such low calories, these seem the perfect diet choice for anyone who is a sweet-toothed weight-watcher. I'll definitely buy them again! Well done Kellogg's!


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