Saturday 2 January 2016

NEW! Mr Kipling Dark Chocolate & Coconut Oat Slices (ASDA)

Mr Kipling have hustled into 2016 with a couple of new products to their well established range of individually wrapped cake slices. The new treats are different to their existing confections, as they are Oat based, and come in two flavours:  'Dark Chocolate & Coconut' and 'Cranberry & Orange.' If you've ever even glanced at my blog before, you'll know that (as a dedicated chocoholic) of course I opted for former variety. 

Unwrapping the slice, I couldn't smell the tropical aroma that I hoped for. I bit into it, and felt the rustic, chewy texture that was half way between cake and flapjack. They were dense and sticky, which made the slice satisfying to munch on.

The taste however was lacking- the cake missed out on the rich cocoa tones, whilst the coconut flavour was very understated - certainly not reminiscent of a retro dessicated covered sponge! I broke the slice apart, and searched for the dark chocolate chips but they were very far and few between. I microwaved the second half of my slice for 20 seconds to see if it fared any better warm, and it did, the chips melted into the cake slightly, bleeding out the promised cocoa flavour.

These cakes weren't as special as they could have been, but at the current offer price of only 75p for 4 at ASDA, they're not bad little lunch-box treats. 


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