Wednesday 27 January 2016

NEW! For Goodness Shakes Chocolate Milkshake (Boots)

As you may have gathered by now, chocolate plays a huge role in my every day life. In fact, one of my New Years resolutions is to eat chocolate every day, and my other half will agree that I'm far less grumpy as a result! As such, my eyes are now preprogrammed to spot anything with cocoa in, and so when I spotted this chocolate milkshake in Boots with the word 'new' emblazoned on the front, I felt impervious to resist.

It wasn't until after paying that I realised that it was a protein shake, with claims to many health giving properties. The Goodness Shakes range consists of low sugar, low fat drinks containing 20g of protein and 14 minerals and vitamins. I'm certainly no athlete (unless you count the daily dog walk!) but I figured that as a rare-meat eater, the vitamins and protein in chocolatey form could do me no harm.

I gave the bottle a good shake, and was pleased to find that it was lovely and thick. It wasn't quite as dense as a Frijj milkshake, but it was certainly thicker than semi-skimmed milk. The chocolate flavour was very sweet considering the product's low sugar content, but that was only a bonus for me. There was an odd, almost metallic, aftertaste which I attributed to the 'lean milk protein'. I was certain I could detect notes of coconut, but it wasn't expressly stated on the ingredients, so unless it was included in the flavourings I must've just imagined it.

If you're craving a Frijj milkshake, this won't hit the mark. If however, you're in need of extra protein and/or fancy a healthy alternative to the chocolate bar that's calling to you at lunch time, give this a go and see how you get on!


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  1. I know I'm very late on this but I found that these have become very disappointing. When I first started drinking these in about 2008 the chocolate flavour was very rich and the fruity flavour was much less artificial tasting. They've declined in quality over the years to the point that the vanilla one is the only one I enjoy now and there are so many cheaper but nicer drinks on the market.