Monday 18 January 2016

Dove Cookies & Crème Chocolate Bar (American Soda)

As part of my (rather large) Black Friday order with American Soda, I bought the Dove Cookies & Crème Chocolate Bar. Dove is owned by Mars and is the US equivalent to Galaxy (you'll notice the packaging & branding is very similar). Although I've not had it in a long while, I think that the Hershey's Cookies 'n' Crème Candy Bar is a stroke of genius, and seeing as Galaxy is my go-to chocolate brand, I thought that I better try this Dove bar (which I saw as an amalgamation of Galaxy & the Hershey's bar).

'Enjoy a rich DOVE® Cookies & Crème Bar, with crunchy cookie bits blended with sweet and creamy white chocolate. It’s the perfect combination of childhood indulgence and DOVE® deliciousness.'

The bar was very slender, and had grooves to allow for easy breaking into 12 mini mouthfuls. The chocolate smelt very sugary, although I have to admit it didn't put me off. The bar wasn't milky as I'd have liked, but it was as sweet as it smelt -and actually reminded me of a Caramac. The cookie pieces added a gritty texture and a little bit of darkness to the bar, providing a welcome contrast to the otherwise sugary chocolate. 

The bar was very comforting to eat and evoked warm memories of eating Caramac as a child. It's not my favourite American chocolate bar (that's a spot still reserved for the wondrous Peanut Butter Twix)  but it's certainly a bar I'd like to have again.  


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