Sunday 17 January 2016

Loaded Mallow Mayhem Ice Cream (ASDA)

The Mallow & Marsh bar must have rekindled my love for the fluffy sweets, as not long after eating it I felt the urge to try ASDA's Loaded Mallow Mayhem Ice Cream. I've seen it on the shelves for a while now, but seeing as ASDA's pint tubs are £2 (and therefore roughly the same as Ben & Jerry's offer price) it never occurs to me to pick them up! 

'Marshmallow flavour ice cream swirled with marshmallow flavour sauce, mini marshmallows and white chocolate chunks'

The dessert was surprisingly soft and easy to scoop with pretty pink sauce running through it. The mini marshmallows could be seen nestled amongst the ice cream, with a few white chocolate chunks dotted throughout.

The ice cream tasted utterly luxurious, with a soft creamy filling that felt ever-so-indulgent, and the mini marshmallows adding a fluffy texture that melted pleasingly in the mouth. The sauce tasted more strawberry than marshmallow, but that may just be my brain automatically linking pink to strawberry flavouring. The chocolate chunks were rather lacking, but what I could find was of pretty low quality (think smart price white chocolate). My other half told me that he got loads of chocolate in his portion, so it may just be uneven distribution throughout the tub contributing to my rather stingy share. 

My comments above make it sound like I didn't enjoy this product, but that simply couldn't be farther from the truth; I thought that the ice cream shone in terms of its creaminess and balance of sweetness (I sometimes find Ben & Jerry's too sugary). The concept was well thought out, and although the chocolate wasn't the best quality, it still added texture and flavour to this dessert. ASDA's Mallow Mayhem will never fill the gaping hole that B&J's Baked Alaska left behind, but I'll certainly buy it in future -and try other flavours from ASDA's premium ice cream range! 


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