Saturday 23 April 2016

NEW! Belgian Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel Ice Creams (M&S)

Salted caramel: the trend that hasn't lost momentum. Not that I'm complaining of course, I love the stuff. Embarrassingly, my infatuation is so severe that I ended up in a heated debate with my Advertising lecturer yesterday about whether it's the work of the devil or if it's heaven sent.

I must represent the majority of the British public because M&S have utilised caramel (and versions thereof) in many of their new products: including the banana & Dulce de Leche slices I reviewed earlier this week, salted caramel & custard slices, and three different Dulce de Leche cheesecakes, to name just a few. That's a lot of sugar!

I haven't had a great experience with Marks & Sparks' ice cream in the past. Last year I reviewed their chocolate and honeycomb cones, and was left bitterly disappointed by their lustreless. I thought it might be high time to give M&S a second chance, particularly seeing as they've recently vastly upgraded their chocolate -and these new salted caramel ice creams are currently 25% off.

The offer pack costs £2.20 for three 100ml ice creams.

"Salted caramel dairy ice cream with a salted caramel sauce (9%) coated in Belgian milk chocolate (30%) with crisp caramel peices (4.5%)."
As you can see, the chocolate coating was so generous that it covered a third of the stick as well. Good start M&S!

Oh my days the chocolate was good, it was thick and luxurious and tasted divine. The caramel pieces studding the coating were in abundance and offered a good crunch to the otherwise silken chocolate. Of course this wasn't much good if the ice cream itself wasn't tasty, but wowzer, it was bloody good! It was soft straight from the freezer with a wonderfully rich caramel flavour backed up with just the right amount of saltiness. Hands down it was the best caramel ice cream I have ever tasted... FAR nicer than Magnums.

I'll happily pay the £2.20 for another box, Hell I think I'd even pay the full (non offer) price, and that really is saying something. Interestingly when I posted a photo of these desserts on Instagram, there were a few comments suggesting that they look very similar to the salted caramel ice creams from ALDI. I haven't been to ALDI in ages so can't compare -but if you've tried both I'd be keen to hear your verdict as to whether there is any difference in taste!


*Don't ask how we got onto that topic, I can't remember!


  1. You have to try Tesco's salted caramel ice cream sticks. They are better than any other on the market!!!

    1. I certainly will! I normally stick to their cones which are also good but I'll trust your judgement and give them a go soon :)

  2. You won't regret it. I'm obsessed with them :o)

  3. Oooh even better than I'm definitely going to have to pick some up! I salted caramel as well :)...I noticed that Waitrose have a new salted vanilla and passion fruit ice cream...interesting, salted vanilla yum?!

    1. ooh that sounds very intriguing! More so than some of Heston's creations anyway! I was mightily impressed by these new ice creams from m&S especially given that you and I have both been nonplussed by some of their other ice creams! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)