Friday 29 April 2016

Chocolate Brownie Deluxe Ice Creams (ALDI)

I think that ALDI must've hired secret spies who lay among the general population and persuade us to shop at their supermarkets... 

Months ago I mentioned my suspicion about my father's love for the German discount store, and since then I've noticed a whole host of people mentioning ALDI food. Forgive me, I've been researching the concept of whether advertising is manipulation or persuasion, and it's addled my brain. I realise that both ALDI and LIDL are finally getting the recognition they deserve for their low prices and decent quality.

 In any case, this seeimingly inexplicable tangent is due to the fact that these gentle hints and comments led me to finally visit my local store yesterday (thanks again Dad) and pick up these rather scrummy looking ice creams -as well as many of the other products that readers have pointed out to me over the past few months.

"Our luxurious chocolate brownie ice creams are made with chocolate ice cream swirled through with a chocolate truffle sauce. We coat them in a thick layer of rich milk chocolate with a delicious chocolate cookie crumble. A chocolate lover's dream."
And that folks, was me sold. The pack of three cost £1.49, and were in the same range as the salted caramel ice creams (the ones my Instagram followers assumed the M&S ones were).

As you can see, they looked rather impressive. The chocolate coating was thankfully as thick as promised, and the cookie crumble was plentiful. What a great start! 

Cracking into the outer coating, I was delighted to find it was good quality. Don't get me wrong -it wasn't the best tasting milk chocolate I've ever had- but it was certainly a far cry from the likes of Kinnerton chocolate. From what I recall, the M&S chocolate coating was tastier, but the ALDI offering was on a par with what you'd expect from Magnum. The cookie pieces were delicious, adding a gritty texture that worked well with the otherwise smooth coating and ice cream within.

Onto the star of the show: the ice cream. The reason that the description was so compelling was because it claimed that they were a chocolate lover's dream. I could happily eat chocolate from dawn until dusk... and then through the night too... so it's easy to imagine how excited I was to try the ultimate in chocolate ice cream. Except; it was a let down. The chocolate flavour was akin to the brown section of a Neopolitan ice cream tub. The mild, milky taste was not what I was hoping for -and I couldn't help but feel disappointed.

 Surely the 'chocolate truffle sauce' would save the day? Well, no. I couldn't even find it. I could see the lines where the ripples were meant to live, but they were seemingly bare. **Sad face**.

I tried to hide my dismay from my fiance, and asked him what he thought of his chocolate brownie ice cream, but he also thought they were pants and said he wouldn't have them again. I didn't think they were bad -they just didn't live up to my high expectations.


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