Monday 11 April 2016

MaxiNutrition Strawberry Protein Milk (Home Bargains)

I don't know why this Protein Milk appealed to me, perhaps it was because I'd never tried it before, but *somehow* it jumped off the shelf and into my basket. I think it was about £1 from Home Bargains, which I think is cheaper than you can buy them from in most Sports Stores, so it might be worth visiting your local branch if you buy them regularly!

'MaxiNutrition Protein Milk is a great tasting, refreshing shake that is packed with 20g of protein goodness to keep your muscles in tip top shape.'

The milk also contains no added sugars and is fat free. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised when I shook the drink and poured it into a glass to discover that it was a creamy colour instead of the pinky hue I was expecting.  It was also thicker than I thought it would be, meaning it had a similar consistency to a Frijj milkshake. 

Taste-wise the flavour was of a standard strawberry milkshake. It wasn't particularly natural tasting, but neither did I expect it to be. The protein milk didn't taste any different to a normal milkshake, which I considered to be an attribute -as I've mentioned before that I often find that protein products often have an odd chemically aftertaste.

As something of a non-athlete I won't be going out of my way to stock up on these MaxiNutrition Protein Milks, but I think that they're a tasty choice for anyone wishing to up their protein intake. 


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