Sunday 10 April 2016

NEW! Vanilla Bean Macchiato at Starbucks

Just over a month ago I reviewed Starbucks' new Honey Blossom Macchiato, but I must admit that I've not visited the chain since. It's not for lack of want, I'm just ensuring that my student loan lasts me through until October and I can keep contributing towards the mortgage!

When I reviewed the Honey Blossom Macchiato I mentioned that the Vanilla Bean version also appealed, and so whilst meeting my sister for a catch up this morning I took the opportunity to try it, and see how it compared.

"For all Vanilla lovers this new addition to our Macchiatos is the perfect pick with layers of milk, espresso and vanilla flavour being topped with a creamy vanilla bean sauce."

The Barista was extremely generous with the sauce, spending a good thirty seconds or more decorating my coffee -at least I was getting my money's worth! I was impressed that the vanilla seeds were visible on top of the foam, adding to its authenticity. The only issue I have, is that it would look more appetising served in a latte glass as per the photos in Starbucks' adverts? 

The foam layer was a good inch thick, and was pillowy soft and sweet thanks to the vanilla sauce. Please reassure me that I'm not the only one to ask for a spoon to savour the froth separately? Anyway, that's what I did, and I enjoyed every scrummy spoonful. 

The coffee itself was well balanced. I find that Starbucks coffee is robust enough to be drunk as a latte/cappuccino/macchiato without losing the caffeine kick. The sweetness from the milk and the vanilla syrup worked well with the espresso, resulting in a coffee that tasted deliciously indulgent. The Vanilla Bean Macchiato had less prominent layers than the Honey version, but that may be just because I gave it a good stir with my spoon. 

If you're a fan of Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato or Vanilla Latte, I implore you to give their new Vanilla Bean Macchiato a try. The Honey version has a bolder flavour, but the Vanilla is equally as tasty.

As a final note, I'd just like to comment on how friendly and welcoming the Baristas in my local Starbucks were this morning. The coffee shop was busy, yet the tables were clean and the staff made conversation. So often we complain about bad service, but this was quite the opposite.


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