Monday 4 April 2016

NEW! Aunt Bessies Mini Yorkshire Puddings (Tesco)

You may have gathered that I have a very sweet tooth, hence all of the reviews of ice cream, chocolate and cake. Today I'm bucking my trend however, with a savoury post about an old classic with a new(ish) twist. I say new, but Aunt Bessies mini yorkshire puddings have been around before. In fact, one of my all-time favourite childhood dinners was 'Tidgy Puds' and baked beans -I'm a classy girl!

I can't pin-point when 'Tidgy Puds' disappeared from supermarket shelves, but I was super excited to see their return (despite the new, more sensible name!). I bought the pack of 30 mini yorkies from Tesco for £1.50, and haven't seen them stocked anywhere else yet.

"I've selected the simplest and finest ingredients to make my mini Yorkshires. Now it's over to you. Simply pop in the oven for 4 minutes to add a little bit of fun to your kids' meal, or enjoy as a light bite with your favourite fillings. They're even perfect for canapés."

Ok, so they're meant to be for children or for parties, but for me they were calling to be served by the plateful, filled with Heinz' finest cheesy beans.

The cooking guidelines are simple, simply pop them in the oven from frozen on 200°c/ Gas mark 6 for 4 minutes -just enough time to microwave my Heinz!

The yorkies looked very cute. They're not all the same shape and size either, which somehow made them homely and therefore all the more appealing. As promised they were hot in four minutes, and ready to be adorned with their beany glory!

Yum. Yum Yum. I challenge you to come up with a more comforting dinner than this! The yorkies were perfectly crunchy on the top yet retaining a slightly doughy bottom -just how I like them. The batter soaked up the cheesy bean juice, and the combination of flavours was a match made in heaven. Instantly, memories of coming in to dinner after an afternoon's tree climbing and bike riding entered my mind, and I enjoyed every morsel with a grin from ear to ear.

I imagine that these mini yorkshire puddings would also be delicious filled with warm cocktail sausages as toad-in-the-hole-style canapes, or served up with Sunday lunch. After all, more yorkies = a better roast, don't you agree?

Have you got any better ideas on how to serve yorkshire puddings?



  1. I went to Tesco purely to seek out mini yorkshire puddings after seeing your instagram and they FAILED me!

  2. I'm ni fan of Yorkshire puds myself but know for a fact that they marry equally well with sweet flavours. 'Traditionally' with golden syrup. And cream, if you fancy. But golden syrup yorkies have long been a definite Thing. Surprised your sweet tooth hasn't already found that out!

    1. That sounds wonderful Claire, I must try it!