Thursday 7 April 2016

NEW! Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough 'Wich Ice Cream Sandwiches (Sainsbury's)

Hallelujah! My patience has paid off, and the new Ben & Jerry's 'Wich has come on offer at long last! The wait has been excruciating, especially as I was mightily impressed with thier new 'wich ice cream tub. Cheap-skate me struck again and I wasn't prepared to spend the full £4 RRP for the box of 3, or the (daylight robbery) price of £1.99 RRP for a single ice cream sandwich.

Fortunately Sainsbury's are currently selling the triple pack for £2.50, a price that I still deem expensive but not entirely unaffordable.
"We were wondering if it was possible to make Cookie Dough even cookier. With so many chunks & Fairtrade ingredients, we're pretty much out of room! That was until we realised the best way to top it was to bottom it too...with cookies! Presenting the hand-finished 'Wich: legendairy Cookie Dough ice cream, sandwiched between soft baked chocolate chip cookies. Cookies & Ice Cream...good together, any 'Wich way!"

The three ice cream sandwiches were wrapped individually, and I was mightily impressed my their appearance once uncovered.  They were a creation of beauty, don't you agree? Oreo ice cream sandwiches are a freezer staple in my house, and I was pleased to find that the s'wichs were about a third bigger (Oreos are 55ml, S'wichs are 80ml).

Amuse me for a second and think of fresh supermarket cookies. You know the kind I mean? Crunchy around the outside, and yet somehow deliciously chewy in the middle? Well some clever Ben & Jerry's wizard has recreated that very same texture in these Wich's cookies. Chocolate chips were dotted about, adding an extra yummy dimension of both taste and texture to the already delicious biscuit. Somehow the cookies had managed to dodge the sogginess that is so common with ice cream sandwiches -I'm sure they must be magic. As you may have gathered from my gushing compliments, they are utter perfection! 

If you've eaten Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream before* then you'll be familiar with the centre of the Wichs; It's the same creamy and indulgent vanilla ice cream augmented with the generous chunks of biscuity cookie dough.

Ben & Jerry's have created a wonderful combination of flavours and textures with the new 'wich Ice cream sandwiches, and although I'd still be disinclined to spend £4 for three, I'll be stocking my freezer up whilst they're on offer!


*If not, then I hope you've got a reason why? Unless you've got allergies, I highly suggest you buy yourself a tub pronto!