Friday 15 April 2016

NEW! Twix Tops (Poundstretcher)

Do you remember Twix Tops? Chances are that if you don't, you either weren't born/were very young when they were around or you've forgotten them in their 11 year absence. According to the font of all knowledge -Wikipedia- they had a relatively short stay in the UK between 1999 and 2005 and have only been available on the continent since them. A photo on Instagram recently showed them in the UK, and I felt the nostalgic need to hunt them down.

I remember thinking that they were pretty great as a teenager, and so I was excited to try them again as an adult. I bought them from poundstretcher for £1 proudly displaying the 'new' badge, but as I can't read Arabic I'm unsure as to where they originated. 

The pack contained 10 individually wrapped biscuits. They were smaller than I remember, but isn't that always the case? I wasn't too bothered, because at 10p each they still represented seemingly good value for money. 

They looked the same as I remembered -apart from the size- but would they taste as good? 

The simple answer is no. The biscuit was plain and lacked the buttery, crumbly texture that is characteristic of a Twix (I should know, I had the white chocolate version only yesterday!). The chocolate barely covered the caramel topping, and was so thin that I could barely taste it. Caramel, surely you can save the day? Sadly not, again it was in such meagre amounts that it was just disappointing. 

The proportions are all wrong in the Twix Tops and now I can understand why they went AWOL in the first place. If you want a mostly biscuit bar with chocolate and caramel then stick with a rocky -these aren't worth the look in. 


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  1. I remember loving these (and the m&m ones) as a child...I hate when things aren't anywhere near as good as you want them to be! xx