Sunday 17 April 2016

NEW! Rhubarb Jumbles (ASDA)

This is certainly rhubarb week! But you'll have to forgive me because I finally found the Rhubarb Jumbles, the last pack on the shelf at the ASDA near my uni. I almost left them there as they would have to suffer an hour long journey back home, but seeing as I'd been checking my local store every day for the past week with no luck, I had to buy them.

"Astonishing! Tangy rhubarb compote, velvety mousse and crumbly flapjack... all in a pot? Why ever not!"
What I hadn't appreciated is that as well as mousse, compote, and flapjack, the pots also contain a layer of cheesecake batter. I mean, why on earth would you not shout about cheesecake batter? That's got to be the best bit hasn't it? Well, actually all four layers sounded pretty damn perfect to me...

Adorning the Rhubarb Jumble was a couple of flapjack pieces. I've mentioned before that recently I've fallen in love with the stuff, so I was pleased to find that it was in plentiful supply. The flapjack was lighter than expected -more crumbly than sticky, but yummy all the same.

The creamy coloured top layer was light, fluffy, and had an unexpected tang to it, which I rather enjoyed. The cheesecake batter was a cracking start to the Rhubarb Jumbles. Next up was a flapjack layer, offering an excellent textural contrast against the moussey top and fruit below. Again they came as chunks rather than a disk, and the flavours mingled well together. 

The rhubarb was sweeter than expected, but still kept some degree of sharpness. I was pleased to find that it wasn't jam-like in consistency, and retained some (albeit very soft) structural integrity. 

At the very bottom was another airy layer. It wasn't particularly strong in flavour, tasting more like whipped cream. The mousse was pleasant, but far from exceptional, and I can't help but think that the Rhubarb Jumbles would have been better finishing with the cheesecake batter.

If you're a rhubarb and custard fan, give ASDA's new rhubarb jumbles a go -especially while they're on offer (£1.50 for two). If not, then try their new Afternoon Tea Delights, which are equally as tasty.


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