Monday 18 April 2016

NEW! Toffee Apple Cone Sensations (Iceland)

Seeing as the rhubarb and custard ice creams were so tasty, I thought I'd better try Iceland's new Toffee Apple Cone Sensations too.

"Crispy wafer cones with a chocolate flavour coating, filled with apple flavour ice cream and a toffee flavour sauce decorated with toffee flavour fudge pieces."
It seems an odd time of  year to release toffee apple ice creams, as the flavour tends to be connected with bonfire night -but who says you can't enjoy them all year round?

As with the rhubarb and custards, these new cones from Iceland looked rather appetising. Adorning the creamy coloured ice cream was a plentitude of fudge pieces and toffee sauce.

The fudge pieces were so soft that they melted in the mouth,- which was lovely- but meant that they were difficult to taste. The toffee sauce was rich and sweet, but nothing special and certainly not the nicest I've tasted (Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra and Morrisons' Millionaires Shortbread Mash Up hold the top spots).

On to the apple ice cream. I can't remember having tasted an apple ice cream before, it's certainly an unusual flavour choice by Iceland. It was ok, a bit odd and slightly artificial tasting despite promising to contain 5%  of reconstituted apple puree. It was sweet and creamy and was enhanced by the toffee sauce core, but it just doesn't seem to work on its own.

The new Toffee Apple Cone Sensations from Iceland are a welcome novelty to the 2016 ice cream market. They are inexpensive (£1 for 4) and I imagine that children would love them. I wasn't particularly keen on them, much preferring the rhubarb flavour, so they probably wont make it into my freezer again.


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