Monday 25 April 2016

NEW Chocolate & Caramel Müller Rice (ASDA)

It's new Müller Rice time! This spring the company has relaunched two retired flavours (smooth chocolate and salted caramel) and released one entirely new flavour -which happened to be a combination of both old/new flavours- chocolate and caramel.

It's no secret how much I love that very flavour pairing, indeed it's obvious from my plethora of chocolate & caramel reviews (most recently M&S' new salted caramel and Belgian milk chocolate ice creams) so I don't need to tell you how excited I was to try this new Müller Rice.

As with the new Gold Müller Corners, the new rice pudding has Olympic themed packaging and has been named the 'Going The Distance Edition'. The title seems rather apt considering each pot contains over 25g of sugar and would therefore be likely to put the children on the ceiling for a few hours!

I'm not sure why I decided to warm the Müller Rice, as I normally like mine super cold -to the point where they're starting to freeze- but I figured that most people enjoy them warm so decided to join the crowd. I whacked it on high in the microwave until it started to bubble and the scent of sweet chocolate permeated the room -a good indication as to how yummy the dessert would surely be!

The creamy rice was as delicious as always; milky-sweet and comforting. The chocolate and caramel came from the pool of sauce at the bottom, which I gave a good mix into the rice above. 

Did you ever have Ambrosia rice topped with Lyle's ice cream sauces as a child? Well that's what this reminded me of. The caramel flavour was sickly sweet and lacked any thickness or depth of flavour, whilst the chocolate was overpowered and lost altogether. It's a shame really because it smelt so promising, but the dessert just tasted like the thinly-veiled sugar rush that it truly was. 

Maybe my dislike came from the temperature of the pud -it may well be one best served cold. Fortunately I bought another (all Müller singles are 12 for £3 in ASDA at the moment FYI) so I will update this post as and when I've braved it again. Have you tried the new Müller Rice? What do you think?



  1. Muller need to get more creative, the combination of caramel and chocolate isn't even new! it's been out before but they called it "smooth chocolate & caramel" as i remember it was absolutely amazing though...

    1. Totally agree, although I'd be happy if they brought back the banoffee version! Have you any ideas of a flavour that you would fancy? Mocha would get my vote!

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    3. oh my god the banoffee one was my absolute favourite one... deffo should bring it back. I loved the apple strudel as well, really miss that one

    4. YES! God knows why they stopped selling the Maple Syrup & Apple Strudel multi-packs.. I used to buy them regularly but now only ever buy the single pots!