Tuesday 1 March 2016

Peanut Butter M&Ms (B&M Bargains)

How it has taken me this long to try peanut butter M&Ms I shall never know! Well that's a fib. It's just that I've been Reese's loyal until recently, when I tried the Wawel Polish Peanut butter chocolate bar and discovered that there *might* be other manufacturers who can be trusted to combine my two favourite foodstuffs!

B&M Bargains sell these standard sized packs of imported peanut butter M&Ms for 79p, and also larger sharing boxes (which I can't recall the price of sorry!). I was pleased to discover that the bag was generously filled with approximately 30 large, irregularly shaped, brightly coloured candies.
Two of the things that our American cousins tend to do better than us Brits is ample portion sizes and peanut butter, so with one out of the two boxes ticked so far, I was eager to get stuck in.

As to be expected, the outer coating was crispy, and cracked pleasingly once bitten into -revealing its golden peanut butter nucleus. The combination of chocolate and sugar was as sickly as I remember (something that prevents me from buying British M&MS more regularly).

 Fortunately, the introduction of smooth peanut butter offset the sweetness with its characteristic saltiness, resulting in a much better balance of flavours. It was a genuine, firm peanut butter -none of the fake 'peanut flavouring' nonsense often sneaked into British products.

I think I'll always be a Reese's girl, but these made a pleasant change to the peanut butter cups that I seem to live off. If you're a fellow peanut butter fanatic, then I suggest you head down to B&M and pick yourself up a bag of these American Peanut Butter M&Ms!



  1. I really like these, I used to beg a colleague to bring them back from her annual trip to the USA! x

    1. Good shout Daisy! Have you got a B&M locally? Xx