Tuesday 8 March 2016

NEW! Go Ahead Cherry Bakewell Pud Bakes

Go Ahead contacted me last week to ask for my address, following my review of their new Cookie Bites. Of course I gave it to them, cheekily hoping that they might send me some of their new Cherry Bakewell Pud Bars -the ones that I hadn't been able to find. Sure enough, a couple of days later a rather large parcel arrived, chock-full of Go Ahead products -including three boxes of the pud bars to review. Thanks Go Ahead! 

The new Cherry Bakewell Pud Bars are similar in size and shape to their existing Fruity Bake Bars, and also consist of a golden casing enveloping a jammy centre. The segments broke easily, revealing the bright red core that makes up 33% of the bars. The pastry was crisp, and it's firmer than I remember -far crunchier than a Kellogg's nutrigrain. 

The 'Bakewell' element came from the jam inside, which was well executed and rather tasty. The cherry flavour was strong and sweet, with a lovely almondy endnote -although that's a bit odd in itself considering almonds aren't mentioned on their ingredients list at all. 

Each Bakewell Pud Bake is only 141 calories, and they're individually wrapped, making them the perfect handbag snack for when hunger strikes. The only trouble is, my other half also took a shine to these bars, so I might have to hide (at least) one of the boxes! 


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