Sunday 27 March 2016

Twix Egg (American Fizz)

Happy Easter! I hope you're having a super day, full of family and chocolate! My sister has come to stay so there's just the four of us (including the dog), but rest assured that we'll be eating more than our fair share of chocolate...

A quick little review today, and another Twix product to share with you. I bought this from American Fizz last month as I thought it looked quite sweet. It's just an Easter-Egg shaped Twix, but we don't have anything similar this side of the pond, only the caramel/truffle filled small 3D eggs. 

The caramel layer was thinner than you'd get in the normal finger format, but tasted indifferent to the UK version. I couldn't notice any change between our biscuit and their 'cookie' base either. The major difference came from the quality of the chocolate; it was noticeably waxier and sweeter than its British cousin. 

I liked the idea of the Twix egg, and again it's a shame that Mars haven't deemed us Brits worthy of its release in the UK. Wrap it in some better tasting chocolate and I think that they'd be popular here too!


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