Wednesday 2 March 2016

NEW! Go Ahead Cookie Bites (Sainsbury's)

I've been trying to work through my snack-cupboard backlog before Go Ahead released these new Cookie Bites this week, as they sounded pretty darn tasty -but only come in a pack of six mini-bags. 

There's two flavours: White Chocolate & Raspberry, and Chocolate & Orange. I found them in Sainsbury's priced at £1.99 or 2 for £3, so it seemed rude to not make the most of the offer and buy both!

White Chocolate & Raspberry 

I love the combination of sweet white chocolate and sharp raspberry, but I wondered how well it would translate into Go Ahead's new low calorie snack. At only 99 calories, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the bag contained nine tuppence-sized cookies. The biscuits had been given a pretty rippled effect, and each one promisingly displayed an even scattering of red flecks.

The cookies had a good snap and held up well during the dunk-test. They were super sweet (but that can be explained by the 7.8g of sugar in each pack) so they're probably not a good idea if you're watching your sugar intake. They had a smooth, plain vanilla flavour, which was broken up nicely thanks to the addition of the raspberry. 

Go Ahead thankfully haven't been stingy with the fruity pieces, and so they added a welcome chewy texture to the otherwise crunchy biscuits in almost every nibble. I was a bit disappointed that they weren't real raspberry bits (they're made from raspberry & apple fruit puree) so lost the tartness I was hoping for. I kept hunting for the white chocolate to no avail -although it's perhaps unsurprising given that according to the ingredients list it only accounts for only a measly 5%. What a shame! 

Despite my incessant moaning, I really did enjoy the White Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie Bites, especially the combination of crunchy & chewy textures.


Chocolate & Orange

As before, the pack contain 9 rippled biscuits, this time a mid brown-colour. The comforting cocoa and citrus aroma met my nostrils the moment the bag was opened, so far so good.

These biscuits are a similar density to the white chocolate version, and also crunched (and dunked) well, although of course there was none of the chewy fruit pieces. 

The chocolate flavouring was gentle but enjoyable, think more along the lines of milky cocoa than bourbon-biscuit and you'll get the picture. The Orange was a pleasant touch, although it was overwhelmed slightly by the chocolate, and I can't help but think that the addition of some zest would have given the biscuits the extra edge.


I think that the new Go Ahead Cookie Bites are an excellent addition to their range. The Chocolate Orange flavour was my favourite, and had the added bonus of containing slightly less sugar too (still 6.9g). These biscuits might not be the 'healthiest' snack choice, but they are a cute little mid-morning pick-me-up for less than 100cals, especially if (like me) you need the sugar rush at 11am!

Go Ahead have also released a yummy sounding 'Pud Bake' in Cherry Bakewell, I haven't been able to locate them yet, but I'm a bit dubious as to how different they'll be to their standard 'Fruity Bakes'.


  1. These look so good, I'm gutted we only have a Sainsburys local near me as it's dinky and never gets the good stuff! Will be stocking up on these so I have no excuse not to snack at work!

    1. I would imagine they'll be rolled out everywhere before long.. There's an extensive marketing campaign to run alongside their release. Fingers crossed!