Sunday 13 March 2016

Frosted Chocolate Peanut Butter Pop Tarts (American Fizz)

I think I got a bit of a bargain here, and there's not much that pleases me more than a good bargain -especially if said bargain is peanut butter related. The bargain in question was another find from American Fizz -they have an excellent clearance section which currently contains chocolate peanut butter pop tarts at the absolute steal price of £1.29. They went out of date in January, but as with most American snacks, they contain enough additives to make them edible next decade.*


What excited me further was that when I took them out of the box, they came wrapped in gold foil. None of the standard silver stuff here, Kellogg's have gone all out with a luxurious casing for these Pop Tarts -clearly nothing but the best for peanut butter fans!

I warmed them in the toaster as suggested on the lowest setting, and once heated I eagerly got stuck in. I noticed that pastry used in these Pop tarts were a lighter shade of brown than the Hot Fudge Sundae, and Cookies & Creme versions, which I thought might be an indication of a milder cocoa flavour.

I was right in my guess-timations; the chocolate pastry was far less dark and bitter than its compadres. It was a welcome change, and a better choice to complement the peanut butter within. The taste was still obviously chocolatey though, and not a half-hearted attempt on Kellogg's' part. 

The peanut butter was *just about* the star of the show, and shone through the layers of chocolate. It was of course warm, which made it gooey, although it retained enough firmness to not ooze messily out of the Pop Tart. The saltiness of the peanut butter worked oh-so-well against the chocolate pastry.

My only bug-bear was the frosting- it was just too sweet and felt like an unnecessary addition. It tipped the balance of salty-sweet off kilter, and it meant that my teeth were aching after the second Pop Tart.

I enjoyed these Chocolate Peanut Butter Pop Tarts, despite their overwhelming sweetness, and I'd buy them again -even at the full price of £3.69. I think the Cookie Dough is still my favourite flavour, what's yours?   


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