Friday 25 March 2016

NEW! Chocolate Cookie Dairy Ice Cream (Tesco)

If you haven't ventured down Tesco's ice cream and frozen desserts aisle in the last week or so, you must. Well, unless you're on a diet, in which case avoid it at all costs as it's full of all sorts of new goodies! 

As a side note, I notice that the 'Turkey-In-Ten' is still lingering at the end of Tesco's frozen aisle -not reduced either I might add- maybe as a provision for all those people who want to cook the traditional Christmas bird for Easter lunch in less time than it takes to peel the foil off a Creme Egg? Who knows! 

Anyway, back to the topic in hand: the new chocolate cookie dairy ice cream. You may have gathered that Ben & Jerry's have recently launched a new line of cookie-sandwich (Oreo between you and I) inspired ice creams, so maybe you're wondering why I didn't just buy any of their new products.

In all honesty, I'm just being a cheap-skate, and refusing to pay the extortionate RRP. Although the Tesco's ice cream wasn't a steal (still £2.75) it was a much bigger 900ml tub.

If you don't mind getting all geeky with me I'll outline just how much cheaper it is...

Tesco Chocolate Cookie Dairy Ice Cream = £0.31/100ml 

Ben & Jerry's 480ml 'S'wich me Up' Tub = £0.80/100ml 
Ben & Jerry's 'Cookie Dough 'Wich' & 'Sons of a 'wich' = £1.67/100ml

Of course, they're incomparable products really. Ben & Jerry's is famous for it's jam packed pints, full of interesting flavours and textures, whilst the Tesco tub is simply: 

"Dark and white chocolate dairy ice creams with a chocolate sauce, hand finished with chocolate cookies."

It certainly looked like a more artisinal gelato with its robust clear case, chocolate swirls and fake Oreos on top....

Hang on a minute! Those aren't even fake Oreos. They're less-than-half-fake-Oreos, with only one side and no filling. Humf. Also, the ice cream is supposed to serve 9, but as you can see there's only 6 cookies. I guess that's an indication that it's really 6 servings, but Tesco want the calories to look lower (and therefore more appealing?) on the front of the carton.  

On the plus side, the ice cream was easy to scoop straight from the freezer, with a whipped, airy texture. 

Was the taste of Tesco's new chocolate cookie ice cream on a par with other luxury ice creams? Well no, not really. Whilst the flavour was rich and velvety, it was impossible to distinguish between the white and dark chocolate. The two intermingled, becoming more of a milk chocolate, and it was tasty -but nothing particularly special. 

The best bit was always going to be the cookie on top, and I saved it until last (in the same way that I always reserve the flake in a 99 until I've finished the cone). Aside from the missing other half and sandwich filling, I expected it to taste like an Oreo, but again I was disappointed. The cookie had the same sort of dark cocoa flavour, but it was limp and lacked the crunch that I had hoped for. 

I really wish that I'd stumped up the extra money for Ben & Jerry's new products, or bought their cookie dough ice cream instead (currently £2.24 per pint at ASDA). As per usual hindsight, you're bloody useless!


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