Thursday 31 March 2016

NEW! Kellogg's Avengers Cereal (Morrisons)

Oh dear. Despite having been to Comic-con a couple of weekends ago, I feel like I have a dirty little secret. Shouldn't all geeks have a preferred universe? Star Wars or Star Trek? DC or Marvel? Well.. I'm quite the nerdy little stop out because I love all of them. There. I said it. 

If you haven't given up on me yet, you might do now, because I watched Batman vs Superman at the cinema this week and really enjoyed it. Ben Affleck is no Christian Bale, but he plays a far better part than I'd have given him credit for. I also thought that I'd struggle to concentrate for the full 2.5 hours, but the plot kept me engaged (no mean feat I tell you!).


So, Kellogg's have always been hot on their film endorsements (remember the Star Wars breakfast biscuit & cereal review?) and this time they've created an Avengers cereal to coincide with the release of 'Civil War' on 29th April. 

What sort of breakfast would the Avengers eat? Probably not a chocolatey cereal -but please feel free to correct me! 

There are two types of cereal within the box: 'crunchy shields' and 'chocolate reactors.' It's the loosest link to the film that I can possibly imagine, as the shields look more like mini pretzels than anything else, and I'm pretty sure that the reactors are actually Kellogg's Krave thrown in for good measure. Of course it's not pedantic adults that the cereal is really aimed towards, and I'm sure that the kids will be enthralled by the pretty box and the idea of eating 'shields' and 'reactors'. 

Pouring myself a bowl I realise that there's far more 'shields' than 'reactors' which I found slightly disappointing considering they are supposed to make up 40% of the cereal. I could instantly smell a strong cocoa smell, and I poured my milk on before getting distracted (see I told you I have a short attention span!). 

It was a good few minutes before I returned to my bowl, which I saw as a good opportunity to test how the shields and reactors held up. The milk had turned a lovely milk-chocolate colour and all of the cereal seemed intact. 

The crunchy 'shields' held their texture, and were true to their name with a crispness that had survived their long-milk soaking. The chocolate flavour wasn't half hearted either they were sweet with taste reminiscent of Coco Pops. The 'reactors' had suffered more, and despite staying whole had gone a bit mushy. The chocolate flavour was far more mild too, and they just tasted a bit odd -now I was glad of their scarcity!

It might not sound like it, but I did enjoy the new Avengers Cereal, especially its chocolateyness and combination of textures. I picked up my box for £2.00 from Morrisons, but they are available from Sainsbury's too -for a pricier £2.80. 


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  1. I got a box of past dated for 50p as a little treat (i like to make a cereal cocktail :-) ) they were a bit like eating Weetos, alright for 50p.

    I really wish it was easier to buy trix in this country, it was my favourite when I used to visit. Altho I read they recently removed all the artifical stuff so they are probably not as good ha

    Didnt realise you were a comic con gal :-)