Sunday 6 March 2016

Oreo Mini Reese's (American Fizz)

I was curled up on the sofa last weekend coughing, spluttering, and generally feeling sorry for myself, when I had that lightbulb moment, and realised exactly what would cheer me up. Half an hour later, I'd placed a large order with American Fizz for all sorts of Imported goodies that I never even knew I needed. Delivery was quick, and I was pleased to find that my treats were neatly packaged, so they arrived in perfect condition.

One of the items that I purchased were these Mini Oreos filled with Reese's peanut butter. As I was fortunate enough to receive 40 bags of my favourite Nutter Butter Bites for Christmas, I thought I'd never need to buy any more peanut butter biscuits ever again. Of course, I've munched through my supply pretty rapidly, and I never grow old of peanut butter (or biscuits) so I thought I'd take the opportunity to try the Reese's Oreos.

I was hugely disappointed by the British peanut butter Oreos when they were released last year -to me they tasted artificial and lacked the real taste of roasted peanuts that I expected. I have heard numerous rumours that they are nowhere near as good as their American counterparts, and I really hoped that the grapevine hadn't let me down.

The 'big-bag' contained approximately 30 biscuits, which was meant to be the equivalent of roughly three servings. The Oreos were somewhere between the size of a penny and tuppence, with a thin peanut butter disc in the middle of each.

The biscuits were the same as British Oreos; beautifully rich and dark with a good crunch that also held up well after dunking. Of course, it's not really the biscuits that's of interest here -it's the peanut butter. Fortunately Reese's hadn't let me down and I revelled in the familiar, true-to-form, sweet-salty nuttiness. If I was to be picky, I'd say that the peanut butter wasn't as thick as I'd have liked, the biscuits could've benefited from a more generous central creme disc, but they're a far cry from the pitiful British nonsensical Oreos. 

The chocolate and peanut butter combination is a match made in heaven, and they were so good that I polished off the whole bag in one sitting. Oops.

It's glorious to see that two of the best manufacturers in their fields (Reese's and Oreo) have amalgamated their resources to create such a delightful product.  So Oreo, please stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes, remove the fraudulent UK peanut butter flavoured Oreos, and replace them with the real deal -we deserve them too!


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