Monday, 29 February 2016

Rhythm 108 Banana Muffin Good-For-You Dessert Bar (Amazon)

It's time for the final instalment in my series of Rhythm 108's good-for-you dessert bar reviews. I saved the Banana Muffin until last because it was the flavour that piqued my interest enough to find out about the company in the first place. Hopefully you'll have already read my reviews for the delicious Choco-Walnut Brownie, Apple Pie and Coconut Macaroon (lets forget about the Lemon Cake) bars, but if not please do give them a quick scout.
As you can see from the wrapper the Banana Muffin Dessert Bar consists of organic dates, almonds milk, amaranth and cider vinegar -in keeping with Rhythm 108's philosophy to create wholesome, gluten free products high in protein & fibre with no refined sugars.
I decided to enjoy the bar with warm custard this week, as I hope you'll agree that there's something quite magical about banana & custard. The bar had a similar consistency to the rest of the range -firm and moist with crunchy nuts dotted throughout. 
There was a fruity flavour that was apparent throughout the bar, although it was difficult to detect the banana by itself. I was quite disappointed by this considering how well Rhythm 108 have nailed the flavours in their other products, but its not entirely surprising considering that there's only 1/2 a banana per bar, and they contain no artificial flavourings. I don't want to complain too much though, as it was still scrummy and made for a warming afternoon pick-me-up treat, especially with custard!

If you've enjoyed reading about the Rhythm 108's healthy dessert bars, and now want to get hold of some for yourself to enjoy, please pop on over to their website/Amazon Shop.
For the very last time, thank you Rhythm 108 for kindly sending me your bars to review, they've been delightful!

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