Friday 5 February 2016

Wawel Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar *Mocno Orzechowy* (Tesco)

It's always nice to receive a parcel isn't it?  It's even better when it's a surprise and contains two of my biggest loves = chocolate + peanut butter. One Treat, the very kind (but naughty!) blogger sent me a lovely package this week, with not just one, but THREE peanut-buttery chocolate bars that I haven't tried before. I don't have very much patience when it comes to waiting for my treats (I know, I sound like a dog!) and so I'm ashamed to admit it was less than a couple of hours before the first bar was open....

Last week I experience my first dalliance with Polish chocolate -the Wawel Advocaat filled bar- with surprisingly good results, and so imagine my excitement when I saw this peanut butter version in my parcel!

This bar had even more segments than its Advocaat filled cousin, with 7 rectangles in total. I snapped off my first chunk, revealing the creamy coloured peanut butter filling concealed within. The chocolate was the same good quality, silky smooth affair that I experienced with Wawel previously, which is partly explained by its ingredients containing a minimum of 30% cocoa solids (by comparison Dairy Milk contains just 23%). 

On to the star of the show: the peanut butter. With my first bite, I wasn't sure what I thought. The taste was very different to Reese's. It was less salty, with bigger chunks of real peanuts. Then I realised, that it was just different. I wasn't used to the peanut butter being complimented by real chocolate, rather than the chocolate flavoured coating that surrounds Reese's PB cups. The filling in fact benefitted from the added texture coming from the chopped nuts, and although less salty, it was high-grade proper peanut butter -none of this silly peanut butter flavouring malarkey. 

I have to say, I fell more than a bit in love with this chocolate bar. As soon as I finished it, I hounded One Treat to tell me where I could buy it from (Tesco's world food section, apparently!) so that I can keep my affair going. If you can imagine Reese's with a crunchy filling and good quality chocolate, I can let you into a little secret -you're really thinking of the Wawel Mocno Orzechowy. 


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