Friday, 26 February 2016

NEW! Double Chocolate Limited Edition Special K Moments (Sainsbury's/ Home Bargains)

A couple of months ago Kellogg's announced that they were launching two new flavours into their Special K Moments range. I managed to find and review the Black Forest Gateaux pretty swiftly, but its taken me until now to find the double chocolate variety. At long last I spotted them in Sainsbury's this week, but baulked at the full price RRP of £2.00, and I'm pretty glad I did because the following day I spotted them in Home Bargains for a more reasonable 99p.
'Delicious cocoa biscuits with a soft chocolate-flavoured filling, topped with a vanilla flavoured drizzle.'
The biscuits were just as pretty as the Black Forest Gateaux version, in fact you'd be pretty hard pressed to tell them apart once removed from the packet. There were lovely white ripples that adorned the biscuits, which were a nice touch that gave them look more luxurious edge. The 'Moments' snapped easily, revealing the chocolate saucy centre sandwiched between the two cracker-thin biscuits. Taste-wise there was a dark intense cocoa flavour that's not dissimilar to Bourbon biscuits, and the chocolate filling added extra richness.
These biscuits aren't as sweet as the others in Kellogg's range, so I imagine they'd be particularly appealing to dark chocolate lovers. I enjoyed these new double chocolate Special K Moments, but I preferred the more unusual combination of flavours in the Black Forest Gateau version.


  1. I was so excited when I got these in Home Bargains for £1 instead of £2 in sainsburys (I'm so sad!) I was distinctly unimpressed though :-(

    1. Oh no! Have you tried the Black Forest version? That's nothing to be ashamed of, I LOVE a good bargain! :)

    2. Oops - it was the Black Forest ones I had! I just thought they were artificial and all a bit something and nothing. The long ingredients list kind of scared me too!

    3. Gosh, I've not read the box and I think I'm glad I've thrown it away now... Ignorance is bliss and all that ;).