Thursday 25 February 2016

NEW! Rolo Mousse (Sainsbury's)

I guess that for most people, dessert is an optional extra, a little treat eaten on occasion. That's not the case in our house though I'm afraid, so much so that I'm sure we'd be advocates for the anti-sugar tax (if such a campaign existed). I look forward to pudding, and most evenings we have ice cream, but occasionally cheesecake, rice puddings, trifles and chocolate mousses make their way into the shopping basket. The Cadbury Mousses are a waste of time (you can see my review of their duo pots here) but I think that Nestle have created something truly wonderful with their Milkybar mousse pots, so I was really pleased to discover that they've recently released a rolo version at long last, hurrah!
'Delicious combination of toffee and milk chocolate mousse swirled with chocolate sauce'
Unlike the Cadbury's desserts, Nestle haven't been stingy when filling the pots, and the mousse reached the lid of the pot. The top layer was chocolatey, and as you can see there was a lovely dark chocolate swirl throughout. The mousse had a lovely, light, airy texture that melted away in the mouth with a good cocoa flavour to back it up. Underneath, was the toffee mousse, which was just as fluffy as the top layer, with a rich toffee flavour that was reminiscent of butterscotch angel delight (the best flavour!). The two layers worked in perfect harmony to produce a dessert that was pretty damn delicious!

The mousses only come in at 80cals per pot, which means that they are a good chocolate fix if you're watching what you eat... If not, then like me, you might find it impossible to stop after just the one!

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