Tuesday 9 February 2016

Reese's Sticks (Tesco)

As you may recall, last week I received a package of peanut buttery goodies from the lovely 1Treat. The parcel included a pack of Reese's Sticks, which I thought might be the Stateside equivalent of peanut butter KitKat Chunkys as both the bars comprise of milk chocolate, wafer and peanut butter.

I was pleased to discover that (unlike their Nestle cousin) the Reese's Sticks came in duo finger form -only because I prefer to savour my chocolate, and eek out every moment of pleasure! The wafers were only lightly covered with the milk chocolate flavoured coating, which barely concealed the wafer within. 

The wafers were very crisp and light, reminding me of an ice cream cone. The peanut butter was sandwiched twice in between the three wafer layers, providing a satisfying sweet-salty flavour that was quite rightly the star of the show. The chocolatey coating was typically sweet in true Hershey's form, although it provided a rich contrast against both the wafer and peanut butter filling. The bars felt very light to eat, and despite my efforts to lengthen the enjoyment process, they were gone before I knew it!

There are in fact clear differences between the Reese's Sticks and KitKat Chunky:-

 Reese's Sticks vs KitKat

The Sticks had a far better peanut butter ratio thanks to its second nutty layer and more salty flavour, whilst their wafer was far thinner and therefore lighter than the almost biscuity Nestle version. The KitKat Chunky had a much thicker chocolate case however, which actually tasted of real chocolate!

So, I recommend that if you're craving chocolate with a peanut butter hit then you may be better off with the KitKat, however if you're a peanut butter fanatic -like me- then try the Reese's Sticks!

Thanks Mrs 1T!


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