Wednesday 3 February 2016

Cadbury Desserts Chocolate Orange (ASDA)

I picked this dessert up under false pretences. Well that's a fib really, it was my fault because as per usual because I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I saw the yellow flash under the tell-tale purple Cadbury banner you see, and assumed that it was the same yellow they use in their caramel bars and therefore it was an indication of the flavour. In fact, it wasn't until I retrieved it from my fridge that I read the lid and realised it was chocolate orange flavour instead. Oops. 

I reviewed one of the other products from this line of long-life Cadbury desserts back in September -the split pot with fudge pieces- and I mentioned at the time that I'd like to try the chocolate orange version. I think I meant the one with orangey bits on the side, but in any case its taken me this long to buy any of range again. 

Once the lid was removed, the silky smooth chocolate dessert was revealed. It had a glossy sheen to it, but as with many of the other Cadbury's desserts (such as the duo mousses), the meagre sized pot was only two-thirds full. The orangey element didn't come from a separate layer as expected, but instead was blended into the chocolate. 

It tasted gloriously rich and indulgent, with a strong orange flavour that gave the flavour a welcome extra zing. The firmness made it feel like eating ganache, and if you can imagine eating a melted (Cadbury's version of) Terry's Chocolate Orange you'll get the picture. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but despite its richness, I wasn't satisfied after finishing my pot- the size simply was far too small. 



  1. I'm glad someone agrees that these pots are too small! I'm convinced they design them so you have to buy more...

    1. Definitely Kev! Atleast the fresh pots come in a four pack, but at 50p (on offer) these ones are a bit of a rip off!