Wednesday 24 February 2016

Lenny & Larry's The Complete Peanut Butter Cookie (CSN)

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pop into Cardiff Sports Nutrition whilst visiting the Welsh capital recently; the company sell a huge arrange of sports supplements, and as such stock a vast array of peanut butter. I always feel a bit intimidated when shopping in a dedicated sports store as I clearly don't look like an athlete, but the guys in there were friendly and helpful. I was on a mission to buy some coco-banana peanut butter (and that's another story) but I thought I'd have a quick browse amongst the snack bars and spotted this Lenny & Larry's peanut butter cookie which took my fancy.
Lenny & Larry's complete cookies boast 16g of protein, 6g of fibre and are vegan friendly. My only gripe is that the packet displays the nutritional information for half a cookie... I mean who eats only half?

I know I complained about the suggested serving size, but the cookies are pretty big (about the same diameter as my hand!). I read somewhere that the cookies are better served warm, so I broke of a chunk to try cold, and heated the rest for 30secs.

Whilst waiting for the microwave to do its thing I nibbled the cold cookie, and discovered a completely unexpected texture. Instead of being chewy or hard, it was deliciously light and fluffy with a cake-like consistency, and it tasted damn good! Sometimes high-protein snacks have an odd aftertaste, but this was completely different -just nutty and moreish.

I enjoyed the cold chunk, but the warm cookie was out-of-this world. It was so tasty and comforting, and transported me into peanut butter heaven. There were little chopped peanut pieces dotted about, which added to its authenticity and texture. Despite its size, the taste didn't become sickly or cloying as I had feared, it just filled me up (both in terms of joy and appetite) and I certainly couldn't have had the willpower to stop eating half-way through.
Wowzers, Lenny & Larry's you've got a new fan right here. The complete cookies aren't exactly cheap, with an RRP of £3.29 each, but you can buy them from Cardiff Sports Nutrition's website for £1.99. The Complete Peanut Butter Cookie is the perfect snack for Athletes, Vegans and peanut-butter nuts alike!*
*And no, unfortunately they haven't sponsored me!

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