Sunday 7 February 2016

Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Slab

I don't get the chance to visit any of the Hotel Chocolat stores very often as my nearest branch is over an hour away, but last weekend I was in Cardiff and saw a very special O2 Priority deal* for a free 50g bar of Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate. Even though I was in the city bridesmaid shopping for one of my best friends, I selfishly took the opportunity to swing buy and grab my freebie. 

I don't know about you, but it wouldn't even cross my mind to buy pure milk chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. Their products are quite expensive (especially if you're a student!) and so if I was feeling flush, I'd be far more inclined to opt for the more exciting treats such as their delicious sounding Trillionaire Shortbread Truffles, Tiramisu chocolates or Banoffee Pie slabs -yum. 

The 50g bar was darker than standard British milk chocolate due to its relatively high 40% cocoa content (10% more than the Wawel bars, and double the minimum in a Dairy milk). The taste was heavenly, with a far more indulgent smoothness than one can expect from mass-produced chocolate. If Cadbury's bars are supposedly made with "a glass and a half" of milk, then by comparison these must be made with a glass and a half of double cream. The cocoa was rich, balancing the milkiness to perfection, with a sweetness that didn't become overbearing.

You know how good it feels when you receive a much needed hug from a best friend? Well, I was left with a not too dissimilar feeling after finishing my bar with a huge mug of coffee on my comfy sofa, which means that I have come to the conclusion that I either need to win the lottery or do well at Uni so I can afford Hotel Chocolat on a regular basis! 


*If you're not on O2 then more fool you, it's worth being on the network simply for the £1 Boots Meal Deal offer every Monday, plus in my experience their service far outshines both EE and 3!

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