Thursday 17 November 2016

Pink Jammie Doughnut (Greggs)

Filled doughnuts: fantastic when they're actually filled, but utterly distressing if and when you're unfortunate enough to munch into a dud one. It's not just the Co-op who are guilty of empty 'filled' doughnuts either, I've heard many reports of void Krispy Kremes too -which I feel is even worse given their extortionate price point. I felt the need to rectify my doughnut disappointment of the apple crumble kind quick smart.

Pink ring doughnuts are my fiancés absolute favourites. We're not even allowed boxes of the mini versions in our house anymore because he simply can't resist their call and ends up munching all 30 in one go (not good when he's trying to cut ahead of holiday in January). He also loves jam doughnuts (as do I, who doesn't?) so the individually sold Pink Jammies solved our problem, and I picked us up a couple. I actually dropped them off with him during his workout at the gym I was working from -you should've seen the face of the exercising customers when they spotted the Greggs treat box, I'm cruel aren't I? Pahahaha. 😈

That evening I tucked into the Pink Jammie, and hoped it would live up to its promising title. The icing was ample, which was a good sign, as was the tell tale jammy hole on the one side.

Crikey. When Greggs say Jammie, they meant jammie. In fact there was so much jam in this doughnut that it proved tricky to eat without becoming a sticky mess. It wasn't long until I surrendered to my clumsiness and embraced the nostalgic joy of the gooey, sugary filling. The dough was soft, but slightly bread like as I've come to expect from the high street bakery. Of course the icing was super sweet (it would be more of a shock if it wasn't!) and the jam was too. I'm not sure what flavour the jam was mean to be, but it tasted of berries and apple, and it was yummy.

The combination of icing and jam provided a little too much sweetness for my personal preference. For this reason I preferred the Greggs' caramel custard and standard sugar dusted jam doughnuts (Morrisons make the best I think, do you agree?). My other half however completely disagreed and revelled in the amalgamation of his two favourite doughnuts..


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