Thursday 3 November 2016

NEW! Choco-Nut Malt Wheats (Tesco)

A couple of months back* I reviewed one of Tesco's spanking new cereals, Golden Syrup Malt Wheats. I was so impressed with them that I gave them top marks, but I've now decided that it's high time to give their choc-nutty compadre a go. Their price remains at a rather bargain-ous £1.19 for a 500g box which I was more than happy to pay, although I wasn't yet convinced that they would taste all that special.

"We carefully select quality whole grain wheat to make this cereal, then cook it and lightly toast it for a lovely crisp texture and full flavour. To make it even more special, we coat each one with a chocolate flavour coating and ground roast hazelnuts to make sure they taste really nutty."

Well, Tesco, you had me sold on the description. Looks-wise the cereal appeared indifferent to Coco Shreddies (mmm Coco Shreddies) but it didn't have a particularly strong aroma and just emitted the slightest scent -reminiscent of Nutella. 

The Choco-Nut Malt Wheats were just as crispy as promised, and passed my milk soaking test with flying colours. I have to admit that I was slightly dubious as to how nutty they would taste, but my preconceptions were unfounded for each square delivered a powerful hazelnut flavour. In fact the nut element was perhaps a smidgen more dominant than the chocolate, but it was yummier for it and the resulting flavour tasted somehow more adult and less sweet. By all accounts the cereal should taste sickly considering that sugar is ranked number 2 on the list of ingredients, and each 40g portion contains 8.3g of the stuff (that's even more than the Golden Syrup version).

I'm impressed with both of the new flavours to Tesco's 'Malt Wheat' line, although the Golden Syrup flavour still reigns as my favourite. 


Nutritionals per 40g serving: 151kcals P3.4/C30.2/F1.0

*I can't believe it was that long ago, where is the time going? Jeez. 

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