Thursday 10 November 2016

White Chocolate Praline Wonder Bar (WHSmith)

The Grown Up Chocolate Company: a British chocolatier whose products I've been wanting to try for ages. The trouble is, living in rural Hereford presents a few issues when acquiring quality chocolate. There's not even a Hotel Chocolat. The closest we have is Thorntons, and I'm so unimpressed with their chocolate that I even gave away my Thorntons advent calendar last December. So, needless to say that when I spotted the White Chocolate Praline Wonder bar (reduced too might I add) in WHSmith, I quickly nabbed a couple of bars.

"Caramelised wafer enticingly slathered in sumptuous praline with a sprinkle of biscuit pearls encased in white chocolate. A true wonder bar."

For those of you who aren't au fait with The Grown Up Chocolate Company, they specialise in "the bars we ate as children, but reimagined for Grown Ups only." I'm not sure how grown up I am (seeing as yesterday saw the boobie bun review) neither do I remember consuming chocolate as a child that sounded even remotely as decadent as the White Chocolate Praline Bar. What I do know however, is that white chocolate, praline, and biscuits are a trio who live right up there amongst my favourite treats.

The White Chocolate Praline Wonderful actually comprised of two separate complete bars (total weight 65g). They looked rather sweet too with their biscuity topping, and the chocolate appeared adequately thick too (much needed after the appalling coating on the banana Jaffa cakes).

Slicing one bar in two revealed just how generous The Grown Up Chocolate Company had been with the white chocolate. The praline interior was the colour of milk chocolate, and I could spot a couple of biscuit 'pearls' poking out too... I couldn't wait to tuck in.

Crikey. I'd forgotten just how fantastic white chocolate could be. It was creamy, sweet, and melted in the mouth with an incredibly comforting flavour. Seriously yummy. The praline interior was also delicious, providing a juxtaposition against the velvety coating thanks to the crunchiness that came from the wafers embedded within. The biscuit pearls added an extra textural element, although they were less obvious due to the abundance of components within the bar. Although there was a lot going on, every element complimented each other perfectly, to provide a bar that really is quite wonderful.

I totally agree: the White Chocolate Praline Wonderful is definitely for Grown Ups only, and it's not for sharing either. Seriously scrumptious. I only wish I could buy more -the WHSmith is unsurprisingly out of stock again now! 



  1. If you like this one then you have to try their Salted peanut caramel cracker bar! It's like the most amazing, decadent snickers you could ever imagine.

    1. Believe me, if I could get my hands on them I would! They sound amazing :)