Thursday 24 November 2016

E.Wedel Bajeczny Peanut & Wafer Chocolate Bar (Polski Sklep)

Finally, I found it in yet another Deli! I think my E.Wedel journey is more or less complete now thanks to my search for the Bajeczny bar, which was originally recommended to me in the comments section of my first review of the Eastern European chocolate brand. As with most of E.Wedel's bars, the Bajeczny is a concoction unlike any of the bars that we currently have on the market. I mean, that's one of the big problems that faces British chocolate I think -the lack of creativity and ingenuity that other foreign brands brave- as well as the decreasing quality and size of mainstream brands' products.

"Peanut bar with wafers."

The closest chocolate bars I could think to draw comparisons with are the Reese's sticks and Peanut Butter Kitkat; both of which of course are primarily wafers with layer(s) of peanut butter and wrapped in chocolate.

The Bajeczny bar presented itself as somewhat of a surprise therefore when I sliced it in two and discovered the truffle-esque filling that lay within the outer milk chocolate coating, and It became instantly obvious that the bar would be completely unlike the Reese's wafers or KitKat. The centre was studded with pieces of chopped peanut too, which was another revelation considering I was expecting either a layer of peanut butter and/or peanut flavoured filling.

The wafer was fused into the internal mixture of the bar, offering a crunchiness in every bite that reminded me of feuilletine. Additional texture came from the peanuts too, which were chopped fairly finely and embedded the entire mixture.The trouble was, when I buy a peanut bar I (rightly or wrongly) want and expect it to taste of peanut butter, and this just wasn't the case with the Bajeczny. The primary flavour was chocolate, and although it was of decent enough quality, it just didn't tick all of my boxes.

I'm glad I've tried the Bajeczny bar, but I personally found it to be nowhere near as special as E.Wedel's KarmelLove range.


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