Sunday 13 November 2016

Ben & Jerry's One Love (Sainsbury's)

As I was sat munching on my dessert last night, I realised that I'd broken the promise that I'd made to review Ben & Jerry's One Love, so this Sunday I decided to rectify that. Now for those of you who're clued up with all things Ben & Jerry's, you'll already know that is in fact a re-brand of the old 'Satisfy My Bowl' -which came out in 2014 but ended up in the graveyard along with my beloved PB&J core and Baked Alaska, boo. Still, not all of you will have had it the first time around, and some of you may have not had the latest edition either, so I'll give you my thoughts anyhow. 

"Banana ice cream with caramel (9%) and cookie (6%) swirls and chocolatey peace signs (4%)."

The ice cream was a quick melter (much like the coffee flavoured 'One Sweet World' released at the same time). I could immediately spot the biscuity swirls rolling through the ice cream, as well as a few dark chocolate coloured peace signs dotted about once I dug in. 

I scooped some into a waffle cone and soon realised just how sweet the banana flavour was. It wasn't as artificial as Nesquik banana milkshake, nor was it a natural banana flavour either, but it did fit the bill and was pretty tasty. The trouble was, the cookie swirls added an extra sugariness to the already sweet ice cream, pushing it into the realms of being slightly too sickly. Fortunately the peace signs offered a slight bitterness thanks to their darker nature -I do wish that Ben & Jerry's would use real chocolate though instead of a composite made from fat reduced cocoa powder.

As far as I'm aware, Ben & Jerry's are the only mass manufacturer of banana ice cream (please feel free to correct me in the comments box) so I'll keep buying it for that reason alone. One Love doesn't unfortunately come close to my top three favours though, I need more chunks nowadays B&J!


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  1. I often mourn the lack of banana flavoured ice creams. I hope more brands follow suit! x