Saturday 12 November 2016

NEW! The Foodie Market Hike Bars (ALDI)

A few weeks ago I got the chance to pop into ALDI with my other half, but only because he was on the search for new tools that were part of their weekly 'special buys'. God only knows why he needs more tools when he's got a garage full of the things, but then I guess I can never explain why I need new pyjamas or socks either -I just do, ok? 

Anyway, we were queuing up at the till (yes I know, where else would we queue?) when I spotted these new Hike bars. Their brightly coloured packaging informed me that they're gluten free, low in fat, high in fibre and protein packed. At 59p per bar I decided to try both the berry and banana flavours. 

Berry Hike

" Fruit bar made with gluten free oats and dried raspberry pieces."

Admittedly the Hike wasn't much of a looker, but then these kind of healthy bars never are. It immediately made me think of Natural Balance Foods' Nakd and Trek Bars, as well as Tesco's (very good) knock-off Banana Bliss bars. Although firm to the touch, the bar was malleable, which I saw as a very good sign. 

Taste wise the bar tasted primarily of dates, with very little of the berry flavour to back it up. This is unsurprising given that dates make up 23% of the Hike, compared to a pretty pathetic 1.5% of dried raspberry pieces. The sweetness was also apparent -not an issue for my sugar addicted tastebuds I'm afraid- but it might be worth considering that the 55g bar contains 16.5g of (naturally occcuring) sugars if you're trying to be healthy but cut down on your intake.  It was pleasant, and a good handbag staple, but nothing to shout about. 

Macros per bar: 168Kcal P: 10.5/C: 24.8/F:0.7


Banana Hike

" Fruit bar made with gluten free oats and dried banana pieces." 

Ok, so if you've ready any or many of my reviews before, you'll be already aware -and probably bored- of my infatuation with all things banana. With this in mind, you'd be right in guessing that it was the banana Hike that really took my fancy out of the two.

Again, the bar was rather the ugly duckling, but I could immediately smell an authentic ripe banana scent as soon as the wrapper was off (the berry version had no noticeable aroma). This Hike was soft enough to bend too.

What a totally different experience! This bar was well flavoured, with a lovely cinnamon spice that complemented the banana wonderfully. Banana is so often badly thought out in snacks, often it tastes overwhelmingly artificial (jaffa cakes) whilst other times it's just not strong enough (M&S and Hotel Chocolat can you hear me?). Fortunately ALDI have got the flavours in this Hike bar bang on the mark, resulting in a bar that makes me imagine what a freshly baked banana flavoured oat and raisin cookie would taste like. Again, it's high in sugars too -although slightly less than the berry flavour at 16g per 55g bar. I really enjoyed the banana Hike and will make sure I pick more up next time I'm being taken (read dragged) on a tool hunt. Just for info, I think it's even better than Nakds, Treks, and Tesco's version and warming it up serves to enhance the flavours. 

Macros: 169Kcal P:11/C: 24.8/F:0.8



  1. They also have a chocolate one now too!

    1. I saw them recently! Have you tried them?

  2. Just tried the cacao one, pretty good. I thought the berry on was really berry... y. Berryish. Berryful. Haven't tried banana yet though"