Tuesday 8 September 2015

Goodfellas Enchanted Chicken pizza

As I was cooking dinner for just me tonight I thought I'd try Goodfellas new offering to the Pizza Market, this 'Frozen' endorsed chicken pizza, priced at £1.50 from ASDA.

When I opened the box I was disappointed to discover this bland looking runt of a pizza:

I half debated not even cooking it. I know it's meant to be a healthy pizza as the box clearly states that the cheese is low fat, and that it contains 1 of your 5 a day (which I don't believe the topping is SO stingy. Even so I decided to stick with it, and it didn't look any better after cooking. 
The tomato taste is overwhelming.. But not in a good way, it just tastes like tomato purée on stale bread. I hate wasting money, and so felt pretty peeved that I'd wasted my money on this pretty inedible pizza.
I'd give this 0/10.. 
Stay clear! 

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