Wednesday 16 September 2015

New Soreen Apple & Cinnamon Breakfast Bakes

I became acquainted with Soreen's new products: their 'Breakfast Bar Bakes' via a very inspiring Instagram feed (Abbie's journey forward) and today went on a trek to to find some for myself.

Soreen have released two flavours of the Breakfast Bakes:
- Original Malt & Toasted Oats (made with raisins and malt & topped with honey coated oat flakes).
- Apple, Cinnamon & Toasted Oats (made with sweetened Apple flavoured pieces, cinnamon & topped with honey coated oat flakes).

There's seems to be an influx of 'breakfast on the go' products. Am I the only one who never eats them instead of breakfast? The 'breakfast' labelling only serves to highlight them as a healthier treat in my opinion. I'd be interested to get other people's opinion on this.

I found them in Morrisons at £1.50 for a five pack. I chose the Apple Bars, and imagined  (hoped) that they'd taste like an apple flavoured Kelloggs Elevenses bar. I opened the packaging and realised that they actually looked more like king-size Soreen lunchbox loaves topped with oats. They smelt  strongly of Apple & cinnamon aroma which was very pleasant.

I soon realised that the consistency was much more akin to the lunchbox loaves and not the Elevenses bars. When I took my first nibble I was very much underwhelmed. It tasted like raw dough... Mary Berry might've even made a  "Soggy Bottom" comment.

I'm sure fans of the banana loaves may be much more used to the consistency and would enjoy it, but I'm not that keen. The original Malt Loaf flavour might well be better, but I'm certainly not rushing out to buy it any time soon.


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