Tuesday 22 September 2015

New Cadbury Desserts- with Fudge Pieces

I bought a couple of these new Cadbury Desserts whilst at the offer price of 50p each. I had read 1treat's Cadbury Dessert review a while back and so I had mixed feelings about what to expect. 

When I opened the pot all of the chocolate dessert had slid and set unattractively against one side of the pot, and I had to look deep into the side of the fudge prices to find the meagre offering at the bottom.

I tried the little fudge cubes first, and was utterly disappointed. I'm not sure how Cadbury have managed it, but the taste reminded me of the acrid smell of burning rubber. They are certainly not made on the same production line as the Cadbury Fudge bars. I hoped to disguise the nasty little balls by hastily mixing them into the other side.
The chocolate side was thankfully much more enjoyable- it has a lovely smooth and silky texture. If I was forced to make a comparison, the closest I could think of would be a cross between mousse and chocolate custard- but it's a lot denser than that.  

Overall, I really enjoyed it and I'd certainly buy them again- next time I think I'd try the chocolate orange variety. I only wish they created one with digestive balls like the muller corners, or a rocky road side as the mixture of textures would be more interesting on the palate.. 

Anyhow, they have a really long best before date so I'll keep some in the cupboard for when I'm craving a chocolate pud fix.



  1. The orange one is vile, the flavour doesn't work at all. It's not like chocolate orange but more of a sour fizzy orange that clashes badly with the dessert.

  2. Oh no, I'm glad of the heads up, Cadbury dessers are so hit and miss. I've found those winter layers of joy though, I'm hoping they'll be good..