Sunday, 27 September 2015

ASDA Blueberry Ice Cream Roll

Nestled amongst my favourite foodstuffs, alongside peanut butter, caramel, chocolate and bananas is ice-cream. Over the past few years there has been something of a retro resurgence which has thankfully led to the return of some much missed favourites such as the Cadbury Wispa bar. In 2008 one of the nostalgic treats that made a comeback was the Birds Eye Arctic roll, which was welcomed back to supermarket shelves after an eleven year break. 

ASDA must have taken note of this trend and have manufactured their own spins on this classic dessert. Last year we were graced by a Battenberg variety which unfortunately seems to have been now dropped; it certainly hasn't been in my local branch. This year they have produced two new varieties of an arctic roll style dessert- Blueberry, and Cookies and Cream.

I bought the Cookies and Cream a month or so ago, when ASDA started clearing their summer lines in favour of the winter items. I was lucky enough to pick one up at 25p, a ridiculously low price. More specifically it was a 'chocolate flavour sponge wrapped around cream flavoured ice cream with chocolate flavour cookie crumble and chocolate sauce.' I don't have any photos of it, because it was before I started this blog, but it was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, as soon as I realised the deliciousness of this treat I returned to store to stock up, and of course they had all gone. 

I have been sulking about ASDA's decision to sell off all their stock as I would have been happy to pay the £1.50 standard price and eaten them all year round. ASDA did however decide to keep selling their (non-chocolate) Blueberry ice-cream roll and they must have had their reasons so I decided to test it out. This flavour is described as 'blueberry flavoured sponge wrapped around purple and white blueberry and sponge flavoured ice creams with a layer of blueberry sauce'- well that's got to be one of the most confusing descriptions I've read.

The roll is supposed to serve 6 but that would be a pretty measly portion so I quartered ours. The ice cream has four different sections and it looked rather attractive once presented. I sampled the purple ice cream first, which was lovely and fruity; exactly what I hoped for.Next I tried the white coloured ice cream, but I couldn't identify a flavour. The blueberry sponge however was beautiful- and complemented the purple ice cream perfectly. I couldn't find much of the blueberry sauce that was meant to nuzzle between ice cream and sponge, which was a tad disappointing but didn't ruin the pudding.

Overall, I enjoyed this retro-inspired ice cream dessert. I definitely preferred the Cookies and Cream flavour, but that's the opinion of an utter chocoholic. 



  1. Do they sell chocolate arctic rolls anywhere? I loved the one from TESCO but they don't seem to stock them anymore?

    1. I haven't seen any variations on artic rolls stocked in any of the supermarkets since 2015 :( sorry!