Wednesday 9 September 2015

New ASDA Banana Milkshake Malties

As a lover of anything banana I was excited when I saw these Banana Milkshake Malties as a new addition to ASDA's already well varied own brand cereal. They also do strawberry & chocolate milkshake varieties but I always opt for banana milkshake so these sounded right up my alley.
They're also only £1.38 a box, so pretty good value. 

 However, I was sadly disappointed at the lack of banana flavour in these malties. Compared to Caramel Shreddies -which are packed with flavour- these are pretty lacklustre. They're nowhere near as banana-ey as the banana mini weetabix, which I think is what I was hoping for. 

I might be tempted in future to try the strawberry malties if they are on the 3 for £3 offer with the other ASDA own brand children's cereals - but they're not currently included. 

For the moment I think I'll stick to their 'Jungle bites' which I reviewed earlier this week.

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