Tuesday 15 September 2015

Fabulous Bakers 'Chip Off The Old Choc' Flapjacks

Today's review is of the Fabulous Baking Bros 'Chip Off The Old Choc' Flapjacks. I bought them from ASDA at the current offer price of £1 for a pack of four (normally £1.50)

I was a bit confused because the packaging looks spookily similar to the 'Fabulous Bakin' Bros' range of bakery goods often sold in Tescos. I've had the Fabulous Bakin' Bros flapjacks before and so I did a spot of research into the company. It seems that the Fabulous Bakin' Bros and Fabulous Bakers are actually the same company, the latter name being the subject of a substantial rebrand following financial difficulty last year. 

The new range stocked in our local ASDA includes the chocolate flapjacks, and standard flapjacks, but also:
-Banana Brunch Bars (I think I previously mentioned being a big fan of anything banana related),
- Raspberry & White Chocolate Popcorn Bars, 
-Apricot, Almond & White Chocolate Popcorn Bars
-Double Chocolate Cupcakes
-Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcakes

Anyway, back to today's fayre: the chocolate flapjacks.
They are bigger than the flapjacks pre-rebrand

When I opened it up I was a bit disappointed to discover that the chocolate chips are just dottedon top, and on mine they were only at one end. There's no little nuggets of chocolatey goodness throughout, and so I saved the best til last by sampling the plain end first. It was lovely and soft, the way I believe a flapjack should be. I did find it very sweet, and I felt like a bit of salt would've helped offset the sweeteness.. But I then again I am very fond of salt.

The chocolate helped as it was plain chocolate, and I really enjoyed the naughty chocolate end.

Overall, it was a nice flapjack and Id happily pay the £1 offer price for them again... However the Banana Brunch bars sound very tempting, so it'll probably be those that I choose next time! 


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