Sunday 11 September 2016

NEW! Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins (M&S)

If you read my review of Marks' new Rhubarb, Strawberry & Custard muffins the other day, you might recall that I bought a second flavour in the mix & match bakery offer at the same time. Well, when I spotted my favourite cake flavour (banana), studded with chocolate chips on the shelves, it would have been stupid to resist. These muffins are far cheaper than the rhubarb, with the four pack costing a rather reasonable £1.50 (that's if you don't want to be greedy like me and make the most of the 2 for £2.50 deal). 

"Fabulous banana & muscovado sugar muffin, studded with dark chocolate and topped with banana chips."

As you can see, the tops were generously covered with banana chips; which thankfully were the crispy kind. Breaking the muffin in two revealed an impressive amount of chocolate chips too, making me thinking of a Dalmation cake -yes I'm odd I know. Unfortunately, I could immediately tell from feeling the muffin that the texture was going to be on the dry side.

Unfortunately, the flavour wasn't as banana-ry as I hoped. Trusting M&S to pack a bold punch, I simply wasn't expecting such taste bud disappointment. The abundance of dark chocolate chips completely overshadowed the banana, ending up lost in the background somewhere. Yoo-hoo! Banana! Where are you? This was your chance to shine! Perhaps the fact that M&S chose to use only 14% banana puree accounted for the lack of flavour. I always use a mixture of mashed and chopped banana when baking my own cakes, and I'm sure it accounts for much more than 14% of the recipe.

The dryness of the muffin brought further dismay, it was almost rubbery, and so very different to the perfect fluffiness in the rhubarb versions I tried the other day. What is M&S playing at? My only guess is that because the muffins are made with rapeseed oil, they're missing the soft, richness that comes from a cake made with butter. Warming the second half of the muffin improved the situation slightly, but I felt that these would be best enjoyed drowned in Ambrosia custard. 

Muffin's going to persuade me to buy these again ;). Haha. 



  1. Well that's disappointing! :-(

  2. Visually they look so good, such a shame they don't live up to their appearance